tozhar R. Nallakannu

Politicians are all liars” is something what I’m suffering from my childhood. Apart from a twelve mark Mahathma Gandhi and Salt Sathyagraha in textbook, no one talk to me about good politicians. Why are we so forgetful??
Put aside the emotional hype their politics bringing in, we need to go back to what is important. We need to celebrate them for being morally upright and gentle in speech.

thozhar R. Nallakannu ☭

With hundreds of thousands of men away fighting during the second world war, labour shortages became acute and British were in need of Indian manpower. Mahatma Gandhi asked Indians to not cooperate with the English men. So Britain promote their biased war policies and British side of world war 2. They set up a British friendly drama in a local school of Tirunelveli. Nallakannu, the school boy entered in to the scene and protested against British imperialism with a earth breaking battle cry. The story of tozhar Nallakannu begins here.

As a adherent of Gandhi, he joined Tirunelveli Hindu college for higher studies, where he was brutally beaten by British sepoys and get dismissed from college for initiating “Vellayane Veliyeru” movement. The sixteen year old then understand that Gandhiism won’t give him the liberation he wanted; while Jeeva’s communism seemed to be ultimate adobe of just and best supported his revolutionary credos. This communism made him to work for suppressed people, had stayed with them, had food with them and taught them how to fight for their rights.

Independent India banned communism in 1948 in the name of revolutionary insurrections across the country. The leaders were hunted one after the other. Nallakannu went underground, holding his party in one hand. Nallakannu continue to speak communism to his people through red posters and rude wall drawings.

On 1949 Dec 30, cops arrested him from Puliankulam. Police boomed hundred questions one after the other. Patrol boots tasted his flesh, lathis soaked in blood. Nallakannu utter nothing. Provoked by this, an officer lit a cigar and started to burn his rugged brave mustache bristle by bristle and fumed Nallakannu’s lips. But he remain unshaked.

Finally he was given a life sentence of 14 years upon anti government activities. Imprisonment fueled socialist within him in the company of left books. Quoting his “Meesayai pudungiya pothilum..”, he challenged bourgeois – government monarchy by throwing myre of his mustache at it. There after he removed his mustache as a mark of his protest.

Released from jail, Nallakannu continue to revolt for temple entry, walking through public roads, land ownership and most importantly he restrained casteist fanatics of southern Tamilnadu. He is a great environmentalist, put an end to the sand mafia in Tamirabharani and Kaveri rivers through a 21 day hunger strike. In 1985 he single handedly abolished the horse race court plan in Coutralam water falls. His protest against CAA along with youngsters at the age of 94 was remarkable. He devoted his life for the unreserved and their fight backs.

This man who show up in old mucky getups, who gave all the money in his pocket to party and to farmer’s associations, who sleep in party office and bus stands, who do politics for poor strays refugees was given failure failure and failure only by his fellow people in every general elections.

In 2019, Nallakannu was asked to vacate the house he was living in and now reside with his daughter in a rented house. Among the corrupted politicians taking bribe and live with all luxury, Tamil people and communist party was failed to celebrate tozhar Nallakannu.


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