7. Hinduism is a scam

“O God my enemy is superior, has advanced knowledge, has advanced cultivation method, has advance architecture, I can not fight and win them completely. So please help us to defeat them”

This was one of the hymns in Rigveda, a call on god to defeat the advanced civilization. This battle for supremacy went for centuries. Slowly Jewish Brahmins triumphed the Tamils and drive them to the south of the Vindhyas.

The Jews coming to Tamil land as traders always wished to have a control over this highly prosperous soil. But that was not easy even for the cunning Jews that the social structure of Tamil society was so strong, build in gurukulam by great preachers (Aaseevaga Siddhars). All Tamil rulers were inspired of Aaseevagam and they are scientifically awakened by gurukula education. So obviously Jews hate gurukulam and Aseevagam. Thus Jews master planned to loot the basics of Aasevagam and form a new religion that can protect their masked Jewish interests and hammer Aaseevagam away.

Jews did two things. Firstly, they do not mingle with the local people, there by keep themselves hidden to Tamil people. Secondly, Although they’re not mingled, they closely observed every aspects of Tamil culture and pursue advanced knowledge through Aaseevaga siddhars. The Transformation period was long, the process continued for centuries and finally Jews emerged as a alternate community for Aaseevagam. During this metamorphosis process, Jews change their Jewish traits and encultured with monarch pleasing attributes to please the ruling class. Their actions nearly copied the impressions of Aasevaga siddhars and titled themselves as “Brahmins”. Sooner or later they ended up being the Looted Poonoolassossiates of rulers; but looking for a opportunity to terrorise the monarchy at the same time.

Now I will tell you how the epic Brahmins looted Aaseevaga concept.

1. Looted the title itself

One who complete eighteen stages of gurukula education is known as periya amanar.

Periya amanar -> Peraamanar -> Pramanar -> Brahmanar

Even though the early Jews pursue skills through Siddhars, they completely stop this once they become Brahmin titled themselves. That is Jews then started to misuse the title of ‘Periya amanar / Brahmanar’ without practicing gurukula education. Since Aaseevagam consider white as a colour of wisdom, Jews make it favourable for them by claiming that they are wisdom people by birth. Though people might not accepted this initially, Jewish Brahmins repeat the lie wherever they go and it is fabricated into a faithful thing by the time under favourable rulers.

2. Looted Poonool

We have discussed about the poonool wearing custom of Tamil technocrats in the previous chapter. Poonool is awarded by Aaseevaga siddhars to one who complete eighteen stages of gurukula education (Periya amanar). The guidelines followed by them are aasaaram.

Jews also looted the poonool culture from aasevagam along with the Brahmanar title and claimed that they’re chosen people of god. Thus the sacred poonool of Tamils become Brahmin birth right. Thus they fabricated a new custom of upanayam to award poonool to every Brahmin boy who attains age of thirteen. Afterwards the Brahmin boy perform aasaram rituals.

With their cunning moves one after the other, the local rulers become puppets of Brahmins who openly supported newly born Jewish-Brahmin community.

3. Pseudo Sanskrit

Jews did not come here with any proper language, they should have spoken a minor dialect with no script. At the same time, Tamil (Tamili) was found to be a highly developed language which is spoken throughout from Baluchistan to Lanka. Over a period of centuries Jewish dialect appropriated many Tamil words, altered a bit phonetically and made it as Sanskrit.

The oral language of Sanskrit is derived from Tamili with the influence of Jewish words. But still Sanskrit can not able to develop any script to write it down. They continue to write Sanskrit in Tamili script till 4th century CE. Through years of evolution, over thousands of scholars, it is refined and upgraded to Devanagari script in north India by 4th century CE and Grantham script in south India by 5th century CE.

Dr. Vincent Smith (Irish Indologist) in his book on “The Early Indian History“, refers to the contribution of Tamil, especially words borrowed by Sanskrit. Tamil had developed advanced grammar, as proved by the great grammar treatise ‘Tholkappiam’. Later, Panini’s Sanskrit grammar, has borrowed heavily from ‘Tholokappiam’ including ‘Sandhi rules’ of sentence construction.

He indicate that the very word ‘Sanskrit’ appeared much later and means ‘refined script’. The word is derived from two Tamil words ‘semmai‘ meaning ‘refined’ and ‘kirukku’ meaning ‘scribble’. Most of the important Sanskrit words have their etymological roots clearly linked to Tamil. All spiritual words like veda, puja, guru, vigyan, atma, homkund etc are all Tamil words slightly altered phonetically and so ,it sounds different. That is, they are Tamil words which written in devanagari script (Sanskrit script) that only describe the sound with out any dictionary meaning.

For example, let us consider the Sanskrit word puja and Tamil word poosei. The Tamil word is again split into poo (flower) and sei (perform). This point to Tamil ritual of worshiping by showering flowers. Where as in Sanskrit, puja is a single word means ‘to worship’ and this inference has no basis. I can come up with a number of similar words which can substantiate that Sanskrit etymology is uncertain and untenable.

Since Sanskrit is not a naturally evolved language, It was never a language for mass. It is mainly used by Jewish Brahmins as a court language and widely used only for vedic rituals.

4. Looted Vedas

We must understand that vedas are vital part of Tamil gurukula education which is passed from generations to generations through orally.

Vedam means science in Tamil. Four Sanskritised vedas ( Rig, Yajur, Sama, Atharva ) are four major disciplines of science. It was preached by Shiva in gurukulam.

  • Vurukk vedam -> Rukk vedam -> Rig veda

Vurukk means smelting in Tamil. Vurukk vedam explain scientific and technological information on smelting. It is also interesting to know that, the Sanskrit rig veda considered for praising gods has reference to many metals, their availability, refining process and products made out of them etc. For example, Rig veda 8.26.18 : hiranyavartanih – gold metallurgy

  • Yasur vedam -> Yajur veda

Yasur means southern king in Tamil. Yasur vedam considered as veda of rituals, deals with miscellaneous science including Yoga, Siddha vaidtam, Political science, military science, architecture etc other than the one explained by other three vedas.

  • Yama vedam -> Sama veda

Yamam or samam denotes a midnight period which is the best time for astronomers to observe celestial bodies. Sama veda define the science of astronomy. For example, sama veda 1.9.1 : Udgitha – space

  • Atharvana vedam -> Atharva veda

Atharvanam means vibration in Tamil. Atharvana vedam is the study of effect of waves or vibrations on human body in both physical and emotional levels. Shiva might do his research based on the sounds of percussion instruments such as udukkai, parai which is adorned to him in later period.

Hence four Vedas are actually four sciences in corroborating with relevant historical and traditional information about Shiva. Although they’re science, Sanskrit vedas are recited with more godic interest and believed to be evolved from four faces of Brahma.

Jewish Brahmins named this early Tamil siddhars as Suthirar. Because Tamil aaseevagam has set up formulas (suthiram) for every science or vedams. Meanwhile Brahmins understood all formulas of aaseevagam, Tamils were relegated to lowest position of the society by diabolic ways and suthirar changed to sudra meaning low class.

5. God Heist

Tamils do not believe in any deities, instead they only followed their ancestors out of respect. People follow great siddhars of their clan which includes Shiva (Adinathar), Murugan (Seyon), Krishna (Mayon), Vishnu (Parsuvanathar), Indran (Vendon), Ravanan, Ayyanar/Ayyappan, Agathiyar, Valluvar etc and their other ancestors through conceptual Vinayaka (Pillayar). They worshiped these siddhars in the name of munnor vazhipadu (Ancestral worship).

Where as Jews worshiped modified Abram in the form of Brahma. But the concept of Brahma was inadequate to promote and please the rulers. Thus Jewish Brahmins master planned to steal important Tamil ancestors and recreate them with a god image to make use of their eminent glory. At the same time they affixed tons of fancy sensual tales to these new born Brahmin gods as a part of their hidden agenda.

Indiran is mentioned as siddhar who is a specialist of warfare according to sangam literature. He is praised as withdrawer of five senses with his strict yogic life. He is named as Kannayiram (possessor of thousand eyes) to dignify his vigilance. Indran was the first Tamil god to get sacred position in vedic literature. Rigveda praises Indran as a great warrior who won ninety six towns by killing fifty thousand black dasars and gift their mother tongue to Brahmins. Even though rig veda glorifies Indiran on their suitable way, same people project Indran as a womaniser with many erotic purana stories. Indiran get excited by the beauty of Agalikai (wife of Gautama maharshi) wanted to unite with her. Indiran change himself into Gautama maharshi and unite with Agalikai. Provoked by this, Gautama maharshi cursed as possessor thousand vagina. Well, that is how they manipulate Tamil gods.

They falsify Adinathar or Shiva from Yajur veda itself. They toxify ‘Shivalingam’ with a story. While maharishi Brihu (Brahma’s son) pay a visit to Kailasam, Shiva and Parvathy, both were mated in love with out knowing his arrival. Thus, angry Brihu cursed Shiva that people will only worship him upon this penetrative penis position. Another story says that, the aroused Shiva continuously raped muni patnies (wives of Brahmin maharishis) and hence angry Maharishis cursed Shiva that his organ will slashed to earth. But Parvathy resisted it by holding it on her vulva. There were hundreds of similar sick stories which I can not able to explain!

Brahmins distinguish Murugan as the son of Shiva. The renamed him as Karthikeya in skanda puranam. According to them, while Agni (fire god) pay a visit to Kailasam, Shiva and Parvathy, mating in love get disturbed and Shiva’s ejaculation fall on the earth. Angry Shiva command Agni to swallow it. Agni obey the order and later spit it on Gange river. Thus Karthikeya is born to Ganga devi and raised by Karthikai star. The purpose of his birth was to kill Surapadma and Tarakasura, another strategy to toxify aaseevaga siddhars by framing imaginary story of killing them by Brahmin hero gods.

Bhramins devote Vishnu along with his ten avatharams (incarnation) by proposing that the ten principal avathars were raised for the welfare of mankind. But they were truly ten hoaxes created only for the welfare of Jewish Brahmins. Matsya avatar to establish manusmrithi, Kurma avatar form mohini story with multiple benifits, Varaha avatar and Narasimha avatar to frame Asura as a hazard to mankind, again Vamana avatar to ruin generosity of Mahabali, Parasurama avatar to fix Kshatriya dharma as a protector of Brahmins, Rama avatar to end the legacy of Ravanan, Krishna avatar to distort mahabaratha war, Buddha avatar just to toxify Buddhism. There are hundreds of biologically impossible stories related to these avatars, each of them created only for the profit of Jewish Brahmins.

Brahmins personify different aspects of Tamil siddhars into different incarnations and asuras, make them fight against each other and destroyed Siddhar history. This list continue to Vinayaka, Krishna, Ayyappan, Kali etc with similar stories, either as the protector of Brahmin ideologies or as a demon.

6. Asura-isation

All the evil characters of Brahmin puranas were non Brahminised Tamil siddhars or kings who were killed at the end of the story by a Brahminised Tamil Siddhar in the name of securing justice. Thus Brahmins coined a new word – ‘Asura’ meaning coward in Sanskrit in order to generalise their evil characters. Sadly this fictitious death Asuras is the base for ever popular Indian festivals from Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Durga pooja, Onam etc.

Every time it was triumph of good over evil, at the centre of which is a demon (Asuran) who is killed by an armed divinity (Aryan). Ravanan (king of Lanka) was killed by Rama, Mahisasuran (king of Mahisur) killed by Durga (Brahminised Kotravai), Naragasuran (king of kamarupam) killed by Krishna (Brahminised mayon), Soorapadman and Tarakasuran (kings of Mehendrapuram) killed by Karthikeyan (Brahminised Murugan), Hiranyakshan and Hiranyskashypu (Kings of Agobilam) killed by Varaham and Narasimham (mythical reincarnation of Brahminised Parsuvanathar) and so on. Not to forget, every time it will be fleshy, dirty pool and double dealing.

Brahmins declared that Asura are cursed ones and are not qualified for the act of worship. Since the entire characters are looted ones, Jewish Brahmins are not able to fully neglect the worship of Asuras, peoples did worship them as their ancestors. Thus Brahmins inculcate local rulers that their worship within village is evil. Hence the real ancestors of Tamils are transformed to guardian god figures like Ayyanar, Karuppan, Mundan, Chudalaimadan, Muni etc and are thrown to village borders.

7. Manusmrithi

Manusmrithi is created by Brahmins as a part of divide and rule policy. It is actually a Brahmin civil law book, contain some of the most disturbing and discriminatory material which offended the compassionate Tamil society. They divided people based on their birth as Brahmins from the mouth of Brahma, Kshatriyas from chest, Vaishyas from Thighs, Sudrars from foot and fifth category untouchable chandalas from nowhere.

Manusmrithi specifies occupation, laws and punishments for each varnas. That is for the same crime, punishment given to Brahmin is cutting off his hair and punishment given to sudra is cutting of his head. Thus Manusmrithi recited to put an end to the educational, occupational and marriage freedom provided by aaseevagam to Tamils. They denies education to all, only Brahmins has the right to learn all the skills. Kshatriyas are allowded for basic education. All other groups are punished severely when they attempt to pursue knowledge.

Sangam literature mention about fifty seven women preachers; the number of goddess worshiped by Tamils indicate that, these preachers might be worshiped by their clan members. But Manusmrithi denies education to women, they’re treated as minions of men. They introduce sati. They saw women as a sexual material. They fabricate sensual purana stories to support this.

The laws are made such that, the non Brahmins and women are tricked to believe that the only way to attain salvation is to serve Brahmins without any resistance. There by establishing Manusmrithi, Brahmins controlled the society with their cunning rules and resisted the possible social reforms.

8. Vedic injection to temple

It is a fact that vedas has no references to temple like worship system. It is joined to Brahmanism by the decline of Budhism, Jainism and Samanam. Their meditating shrines, monasteries, academic houses were demolished by Brahmin pulled rulers and fixed as temples venerating neo Brahmin gods. They install idols of their new gods and practices Sanskrit as a medium of worship. More importantly, Brahmins wrote thalapuranam (temple’s legacy) for every temple by quoting the crocked tales they stated for the ownership of Tamil gods.

The emperor Ashoka was a patron of Buddhism who supersized Buddhist stupas in to Buddhist temples as idea of reverence to Buddha. The Puri Jagannath temple, Kasi Viswanath temple, Kedarnath temple, Badrinath temple, Amarnath temple, Mahabodhi temple, Bodh Gaya, Mathura, Ayodhya, Saranath, Srisailam, Nagarjuna Konda etc of northern India were some of the prominent hijacked Buddhist temples. The Brahmin stalwarts like Kumarila Bhatta and Shankaracharya asurped these temples and converted stupas into lingams.

he rest of Jain and Samana temples were converted during the bakthi movement of medieval era. Bakthi movement was a rework of ancient vedic tradition into Shaivism (Shiva) Vaishanavism (Vishnu) to encounter new political scenario. During bakthi movement more than thousand Tamil Samanar pallis were hijacked by Adi Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhavacharya and other Brahmin syndicates with the help of local rulers and converted to Tirupathi, Kamakshi, Meenakshi, Varadaperumal, Arunachaleshwarar, Kapalishwarar, Nellaiappar and many more temples with fancy names, again invent stories of reincarnation of their imaginary hero.

9. Looted Tamil arts

Tamil has its own music called Tamil pannisai mentioned in sangam literature. Silappathikaram clearly mention the system of music notes, Brahmins renamed this in the name of karnatic music and owned its legacy. Abraham Pandithar (musicologist) was an underrated researcher who done influential studies concerning the origins and evolution of traditional Tamil music and locate Karnatak music in the realm of Tamil with evidances in his book Karunamritha Sagaram.

Silapathikaram explain about verities of musical instruments which is now used along classical artforms includes kuzhal, Yaazh, veenai, mrithangam, nathaswaram, thakil etc. It mention Tamil musical troops like Urumi melam, Mangala vathiyam, Pandi melam etc and Tamil dances such as Karakattam, Koothu, Kaliyal, Silambattam,Sadirattam, Devarattam, Paraiyattam, Kummiyattam, Kavadiyattam, Bommalattam, Mayilattam, Oyilattam, Puliyattam, Pampattam, Poikal Kuthiraiattam, Purattu, Theyyam, Aivarkali, Kurathiyattam, Urumiattam, Villupaatu etc. Koothar, Viraliyar, Kodiyar, Vayiriyar, Paanar were the group of people who were practicing and propagating dance in the Sangam age.


The Jewish Brahmins know the importance of arts when it come to impose their ideologies into others, especially into rulers. So they copied Tamil art forms and created new art forms for the purpose of escalating their mythological stories on Tamil gods. These new art forms are strictly performed inside the temple and considered to be sacred. It includes Kathakali, Bharathanatyam, Mohiniattam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Thullal etc. Brahmins claimed Natyshastra as a base for this.

Madavi of Silapathikaram performing Sadirattam

The scholars P V Kane (Indologist) and R Nagaswamy (historian) do their research on Natyasasthra and concluded that it was a looted concept from Puhar Kandam of Silapathikaram, Natya Nannool and Tholkappiyum respectively. Modern studies proved that Bharathanatiyam is derived from Sadirattam of Tamils.

10. Genocide of other religious philosophers

The Aaseevaga siddhars resisted vedic Brahmanism by constructing their theologies in the form of Buddhism, Jainism and Samanam. But Brahmins responded by reconstructing their vedic concept in the form of Shaivism and Vaishnavism which provoked some brutal genocide.

The bakthi movement of medieval period is a storm that converted almost every rulers of this land into Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Shakthism, Kaumaram, Ganapathyam etc. Prominently, the twelve Vaishnava azhwars and sixty three Shaiva nayanars (Tamil poet saints) spread Brahminic philosophy of Sanathana Dharma through devotional outpourings. They go in for debate with siddhars of other religions and successfully win most of them. The losers must convert themselves into Bakthi religion, otherwise they’re deported and brutally impaled with the help of rulers. The Periyapuranam and Tirunjanasambandam reflects a massacre of eight thousand Samanars by Koon Pandiyan when they were defeated to Thirugnana Sambandar. The present day villages of Kazhuvetram, Ennayiram, Samanatham near Madurai were named after this massacre. Similarly stubborn Shaivist king Kulothunga Cholan2 killed Samana siddhars by rolling them from the top of mountain. This mountain is now known as Aalurutti malai.


According to Vincent Smith (Historian), Adi Shankaracharya was the director of distroying Buddhism in India. He travelled entire India to defeat and convert Buddhists monks in debate with his dialectical skill and irrefutable arguments is one thing. But he was so ferocious that he led on rulers to cut down Bodhi tree (Buddhist meditating trees) drastically, organised Campaign of hatred and persecution against the Buddhists, propagate the myth that the Buddha was merely another incarnation Vishnu, divide Buddhism as Mahayanam and Teravadam to break their unity and so on. Sasanka, Mihirakula, Toramana kings follow Shankaracharya to murder Buddhist monks in masses and demolished 3000 Buddhist shrines and converted to Brahminical temples.Kumarila Bhatta, Ramanujacharya, Madhavacharya were also important proponents of Bakthi religion with ultimate aim of thrashing other religious philosophers. Although they were considered as godly figures in Hinduism, Their oppression was well explained by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar (The Untouchables), Jawaharlal Nehru (Glimpses of World) and Thunjath Ezhuthachan (Keralolpathi).

That is, by the end of medieval period, we are ultimately came under the control of Jewish Brahmins and still continue to be in many ways. Being treated worse that beasts of burden and forbidden to receive any education, these people gradually lost touch with their true identity and finally fully reconciled themselves to the Brahminical order. There by they gladly embrace pursuit of Hindu identity.

Historians now agree that the term Hindu was coined historically by Persians to refer the people living around the Indus river. For most parts of recorded history, the term Hindu has been used by outsiders as a geographical term and not a religious term. Hinduism is never a unified religion, it was an artificial bundling of distinct religions with related beliefs and philosophies mainly used by Europeans for documentation. In short, modern Hinduism is an adjustment religion set up by the combination of various looted forms of imposed Brahmin made religions for the welfare of Jewish Brahmin community only.

What bleeds our people today is this profound historical error. The error lies in the understanding of state and religion. The European term ‘Hindu’ we borrowed and applied unthinkingly to ourselves. Hinduism is modern-day invention by colonial powers who mapped the world on their will. Hinduism in India, Islam in middle East, Confucianism in China etc each constructed in the mirror image of Christianity. We are made to bought into this false map in the name of national identity and political democracy for the sake of Brahmins. Thus we drained our original spiritual creativity and emptied the true historically possessed philosophical traditions.


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    1. Nothing creative sir. There are plenty of proofs unopened in history books. I study this area out of my interest to understand true history and not to insult a community of people. But still people are manipulated for political needs with wrong identity. I will work more on this. And come up with more and more evidence to prove my point. Thank you for your time😊

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  1. The Jewish playbook is profoundly inventive.

    I must say, it is intriguing beyond description to read this. I pledge ignorance of Dharmic things and leave them alone out of respect for what I assume is a pre-Judaic faith.

    Here I see the Jews have done you wrong, too. I hope your kind have better luck than mine in dealing with their evil.


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  2. I would like to have your sources to extend my research on Aaseevagam. And I have a question about Aseevagam being the mother older than Jainism and Buddhism, is the Samana tradition the same as Aaseevagam or Aaseevagam is a school of the Samana tradition? Let’s keep in touch by email, I want to learn from your knowledge.


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