3. Mahabharatham is a epic forgery

Mahabharatham you known might be a struggle between cousins for the throne of Hasthinapuri. It was written by Vyasa maharshi in Sanskrit. What I confirm is that this form of mahabharatham is a biggest perjury that ever done to my people.

Mahabharatha story was truly happened at the southern most part of Tamilakam about 5000 years ago during iron age. The battle between newly emerging agrarian community (pallar or pandiyar) of marutham thinai in the present Tirunelveli region at the banks of tamiraibarani river and the mountain community (kurava) of kurinji thinai in the present Idukki, Kottayam, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta and kollam districts of kerala.

Sangam literature mentioned that the paddy cultivation is started in Tirunelveli region about 5000 years ago in contemporary of mahabharatham. The name ‘Tirunelveli’ itself is a proof of vast paddy (nellu) cultivation in this region. As a newly formed paddy fields at the midst of forest, it has to be protected by a fence (veli) to prevent the crops away from animals. So this place is named as ‘Nelveli’ meaning ‘protected paddy field’. When the pandiyar moved to marutham thinai of Tirunelveli, they started destroying forest to do protected farming. Since forests are the only food resources for kuravar, they strongly opposes pandiyars. Hungry kuravas often disclose their hostility by destroying agricultural fields.

The idayar of mullai thinai had multiple thoughts regarding this hurdle. Goat domesticated konar stood with kuravar because they also lose their pasturing vegetation. The goat they domesticated eat bushes and tree leaves only and not suitable for agriculture allied purposes. The lord Krishna and his ayar people are supported pandiyar. Their cows and bulls can be extensively used for farming from land preparation to transportation. Also straws of plants served as food for them. Although it was a gain gain situation for them, Krishna practice all diplomacy to avoid a possible conflict. Thus there exists tremendous conflict of interests in which each group has their own justification in supporting or resisting agriculture.

This pandiyar and kuravar are denoted as pandavar and kauravar in vyasa’s sanskrit mahabharatham. The hundred kauravars were the hundred regional leaders of kurinji mentioned as ‘Chera kings’ in sangam litetature. Five pandavas were the five agricultural leaders of marutham mentioned as ‘Pandya kings’. Since agriculture is only started in that time, the kin strength of kuravars clans were very strong compared to pandiyars.

Vyasa’s portrayal of characters was utter shameless. He not only distorted actual history, he encrypted every characters with super vulgarity.

The Panchali is portrayed as almost a slut sharing five husbands out of spill of tongue. To tell the truth Panchali is the agricultural land in the hand of five pandiyars who shared them equally. In tamil mahabaratham Panchali is named as patchai amma, godess of present meenakshi amman temple Madurai (Pandiya capital). In effect by sanskritization, they wanted to bring shame to Tamil goddess.

Among the pandiyars, Arjunan was expert in quickly firing forests to farmlands. He chooses a elevated point to bow fire arrows to form a circular fire. His archery is named as ‘kandeepam’ because of the use deepams (fire arrow) to fire kanam (forest). This use of kandeepam to get farm lands is contempt to panchali swayamvaram by Vyasa. He shamelessly conjoined sharing of this farm land as sharing wife between them.

Dronacharaya is a dignitary wizard in Tamil history. He is a technocrat specialized in archery weaponries and a guru of martial arts. The title aasaari is used by early Tamils as to define technocrat. He run a gurukulam from which all the pandiyars expertise in their specialisation. In order to dishonour him, they dribbled that he is born when Barathwaja muni produced semen involuntary out of excitement, while he gazing at naked Gritachi bathing in ganga river. He then captured semen in drona (vessel) and hence Dronacharya was born. Isn’t a idiotic nonsense?

Aaseevaga Taiman (agasthiyamalai)

Ashwatthama was a imaginary character demonstrated as a darling son of Dronacharya who born with gem on his forehead that protected him from hunger, thirst and fatigue. Ashwatthama symbolize ‘Aasivaga Taiman’ (mother land of aasevagam), a hermitage where Agastya muni offered gurukula education to Tamils as per sangam litetature. Dronacharya get his education from this same hermitage. This hermitage was later demolished Sakuni at the peak of war. Their ultimate intension was to defame siddhar peedam by matching aasevaga concept of Tamils to the ugly repulsive soul of Ashwattama who starve and mooch under the earth without liberation.

Karnan who said to be born with kavacha kundals is a symbol of the goat herding konars who voluntarily joined kuravars. The forest firing Arjunan was an arch rivel of karnan was also enemy of konars. Karna encouraged disrobing of Panchali is konars encouraging destroying of cultivated crop. This destruction of one paddy field (made by destroying subadra forest) is connected to slaying of Abhimanyu. The Naga asthiram of Karnan represent the fighter goat battalion of konars. Horn and wattles of the goats equals kavajam (protection armament) and kundalam (men’s earring).

Konar goats with horn and wattles

Vedha Vyasa deleted the identity of Sakuni from us on purpose. Because Sakuni was a Jew. It is believed that Tamils traded amber, gold, diamond, iron etc with Slovaks and Jews 5000 years ago. The Lakshagriha (house of wax) mentioned in the Sanskrit was made of amber. The Tamil word for amber is kaandaram. Thus Gaandari of mahabharatha symbolise amber. Brother of Gaandari – Sakuni is actually a trader this amber, who will definitely a Jew. Sankuni always wear black and Jews wear black only. Jews of those days were the warmongers who use their cunningness to exploit others wealth. Mahabharatha war was resulted after the cunningness of Sakuni, uses the friction between kuravars and pandiyars to subdue their prosperous agricultural lands. Tamil word for Jews is Yudha. In fact the Tamil word for cunning is yukthi is named after Jews (yudha – yuktha – yukthi). The Tamil word for war is yuddham (yudha – yuddham) is also named after Jews.

In protection of Sakuni, Vyasa manipulated Krishna. Krishna was also a political strategist that was very convenient for them to politically poison people minds in the name of Krishna. They simply put their words in Krishna’s mouth. They introduced hierarchical society underlined by their varna concept and called Bagvat geeta.

Let us decode the tamil names from sanskrit characters,

  • Thridarashtrar – Thiru Drashtan – Drattan – Thirattan (one who assemble people)
  • Duryodhanan – Suyodhaman – So Oodhanan (preacher of justice)
  • Durchadhanan – Suchadanan – So Sadhanan (preacher of accomplishment)
  • Sakuni- Samguni – Sam Kuni (to drop head)
  • Krishanan – Krithinan – Karuthinan (man of ideas)
  • Dharman – Tharu maan (giving man)
  • Panjali – Painjali – Ainjali – Ainju Alai (five farmland)
  • Bheeman – Vee Maan (Heavy man)
  • Gatolkajan – Kadam Gajam (mountain like elephant)
  • Sahadevan – Saham Devan (observer of cosmos)
  • Bheeshmar – Veeshmar – Vee Samar (great war)
  • Kunti – kunthai (womb)
  • Drishtadyumnan – Drishi Dyuman – Theerrutti Thooyman – Thee Urutti Thooya Mannu (purified ore under forging – sword fighter)
  • Arjunan – Aracchun – Aram Achu (bow and arrow fighter)
  • Ekalavyan – Eka Kalaivan (eminent performer single art)
  • Karnan – Karam man (possessor of hand – philanthropist)
  • Dronachariya – Trenaasaaria – Tharayin aasari (technocrat of plain land)
  • Kripachariya – kiriaasaria – giri aasari (technocrat of mountains)

We have done etymology of some of the characters of mahabaratham who they copied to Sanskrit. We can do this to all characters. Even though they changed name while copying we can decode it by strict observation, because Tamil was the underlying linguistic base of all Indian languages including Sanskrit. Tamil culture is the root culture for all cultures, good or bad, evolved due to subsequent habitualization to new environment.

Now I will show you some real evidences to prove that mahabharatham is a belongs to Tamil culture.

The Poruvazhy Peruviruthy Malanada temple of Kollam district was the only for temple for Duryodhana in India. In place of Sreekovil and deity we could see only a raised platform called ‘Althara’ or ‘Mandapam’. In the absence of an idol, devotees submit themselves to a divine power through a mental process of ‘Sankalpam’. The absence of idol itself prove that it is very older than any other temples in Kerala.

More importantly, only members of kurava community is considered as poojaris. Still now there are hundred similar malanadu temples like pavithreswaram malanada (sakuni), Kunniradath malanada temple (Ducchala), Yennaseri malanada (Durchadhanan) are active with in Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, Alappuzha districts of Kerala with altara worship only.

The ‘Nooranadu’ of Pathanamthitta is believed to be the place at which first assembly of this hundred leaders conducted. The Pahuthesvaram in Kollam is where all the weapons for Kuravars were manufactured. Pahutheesvaram stands for pahu × eeswaram meaning division of ore or smelting place in Tamil. Kollam is named after rich population kollar (Black smith) in this region. Remains of large amount molten iron and ingots were excavated from Kollam is proof that it served as the weapon factory of kuravas during the war time.

The war between kuravars and pandiyars hit on in Adichanalloor (near pandya capital Korkai), Tirunelveli. This was a large grave yard covering more than 114 acres excavated by archeological survey of India. Numerous number of skeletons were found buried in earthen urns along with iron weapons, swords, knives and hatchets.

Buriers of earthen urns in Adichanalloor

Tamil mahabharatham was existing as a strong proof of Tamil culture and history, Sanskrit mahabharatham was created only with the purpose of distorting the true history of Tamils. They have multiple gains starting from imposing Sanskrit to Tamils. They bhraminise pandavas and kauravas to falsely establish themselves as very ancient community of India. They use the corrupted version to achieve political dominance over Tamils. They purposefully mutilate Tamil epic by adding disgraceful finger prints of gambling, sexual perversion, varna system, manusmrithi, kshatriya dharma and many more nookie things.

Hundred babies for single women, Full grown baby my mantras, babies from fire-water-sky, created cities within single mantras, one getting hundred verities of weapons out of mantras, multiple hands multiple heads, plucking mountains, chasing sun and many more. This concept can only sprout from sick minds. Veda Vyasa use thousands kinds of sick stories and imaginary characters like Drupathan, Draupathi, Kunti, Sigandi, Ekalavyan, Bheeshman, Drishtadyumnan, Aswathmavu, Abhimanyu etc to exapand 10000 vesrses of original Tamil epic to 100000 verses of Sanskrit copy of coded messages with multiple agenda.

But what made Vyasa to mutate Tamil history? For whom? For Jews???


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