The purpose of my visit was done. Some pure joyful days.. especially Mad Boingus. The peoples with salt on their heart. I wish to say a ‘good bye’ to Miranda. With a struggle to find a good portable final word i walked down the stairs.

She is the best part of Boingus, but’ i don’t know which part of Boingus. I don’t know whom to ask. I know nothing!! Still there is some feelings that drive me to say that odd good-bye. I meet people who see them in very large playoff in a gambling game, especially the largest available. Uhh.. then i meet her. Charming careless girl.

I walk along the street, it will lead you to B-Square market. Mr. Airbus is running an automobile shop there. May be he knows something about her. While walking, i notice the bumper stickers on many cars that read something like “my other car is broomstick”. Well no wonder!! this is MAD Boingus.

The billowing clouds welcomed me to the B-Squre market. The market is famous for the warm mediocre quality of food, endless.. endless amount of coffee, the essential meet lover’s skillet and notable Lapis lazuli ornaments..

I slowly walked through the market. And reached a impossible – to – operate crane, probably at the centre of market. The steam crane has a beast structure – majestic appearance. I look straight through, between the latticed segmented boom, I sensed her, Miranda!! What a mechanical advantage!!!

I take a breath and walked to her with a desire of ‘hi’. She smiled as she noticed me. Her lips glowing in lanolin derivatives oils. A yoga pants and pony tail. She is a gallery owner, selling her own paintings there. Rendered in soft washes of water colour, her illustrations charmingly capture the beauty and intimacy of young couple with a grand gesture of love.

“So you are an awesome painter” I smiled.

“Hmm.. some days i paint all day long. Some days i sell my art, so can afford to eat” She replied with zero pride.

As a matter of fact I don’t know what to speak next. I simply go through her paintings. My mind is manipulating. Still I can’t offer a good word.

“Why do you come here?” She sound like halt! Who come here, state your business!!

“Because I.. I come.. I want to meet Mr. Airbus!!” Yes I blundered.

Ahh! He is probably in the Arc door. Let’s Go.. “ She said in a platonic sense. Twist after twist, she is coming with me!! Well I followed her.

“How is your day?” I asked.

“And when do you left yesterday?” She played it by ear.

“Sooner than you think” I improvised.

“Hell ya.. ” She retorted. “Then why you come mahn.. Is your mumma asked to buy sweets in the taphouse??”

“No! I won’t prefer parties. I feel overwhelmed in the presence of strangers noisily gathering around me” I replied firmly.

“Thinking kills partying” She dejected.

“Not a big secret, Of course, Letting go and being crazy is partying. I won’t love it to pull my mundane logicality” I replied again.

“Ooh gosh! Not sure how I’m supposed to feel about you. Avenged? Proud??Haha ” Her frown turned into a
laugh like she saw a clown.

“Ummm….. Lemme tell you!” I said. “But’ tell me your conspiracy theory”.

“how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood!” She dashed some words.

“What??” I goggle whether she’s chewing fire or what.

“how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood!” She repeat.

“Go!! and eat some SAND” I pushed on her face.

“Okey, and tell me how much sand you can eat? Mm.. Mmm”

“Huhu! I eat sand. I can even eat homework eating unicorn. Humm.. “

“Really!! I love unicorn.. Okey tell me your sixth favorite animal?

“Sixth, JELLY FISH!!” I bite my teeth.

“Do jelly fish got knees? How many how many

“Mm. Square root of negative four” Before she invent next muck, I closed her mouth tightly.

“I’m hungry. Please..” I hissed on her ears. She tap on my wrist, signaling a promise of being good girl.

“Do you like hot cheetos with mango pickle” She continued immediately after parole.

“Uhh! Can you stop this. Please….. ” Finally I apologized for nothing.

“Okey” She said. ” But’ tell me the weird place you have peeeeeed.. hahhaha!” She laugh out loud.

She run through the yellow street. No one cared of the pretty girl and handsome hulk. I chased her. It’s definitely OK to look at pretty girl here! She saw me laughed. We laughed…

She looked, why I’m smiling.

I smiled, why she is looking.

We whispered “lost love”

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