The cold winter night made my parachute oil frozen to it’s soul in the bottle. My fuzz was in the air dancing in party mode. Today there a party in Bold Sphere street, Mr. Airbus was so excited about that it. I wish to make a night walk. I love night walks. Night time is the glorious time of universe.. She walk with a moon in her hand and there is something haunting in the moonlight.

Mad Boingus is not a hedonistic pleasure place of bikini girls dancing on the beach and partying the night away in a psychedelically lit disco. But’… yes the city is round the clock nightlife with vibrant live music scenes.. singular cuisines.. And the mad people who say “you could never buy the music in the store”.

After a pleasure walk I stepped into the pie – diagram area, that girl was sitting right on there at the point where my eyes first blinked!

announcement :

Nearly 25 years after the release of it’s eponymous Blue album, Weezer is still enjoying the success and rocking the crowds.. Currently the band is touring behind it’s eleventh audio album…

Woo… Yeah… Wooo yeah.. Weezer!! Weezer!! Weezer!!.. “

Every one is on their feet. Cheers, whistles, colour papers, champagne… But the girl look calm. I thought she must be in some sore, sitting, non-moving. She is like wearing a mixture of weird cloths and mix of different fashions together with a cup of champagne on the table, unattended. No wonder!! If she is a cynical too.

I wish i could talk to her, little awkward though. I take a glass of white sparkling wine just for the heck of it and moved to her.

Nice dress” I said.

Rainbow bowler hat yea!!” She sound like a punk rock to me.

I feel like you are carrying a beautiful name” I heartily exclaimed.

Miranda!! My name.. ” she mumbled.

Haha.. look around there’s so many Evans here” I said. “Look at that bunch of Aussie backpackers… Pretty cool guys

Yea true! Just some load of emo shit” she bellowed.

Ohh? So sonic! You could call it youth” I said while taking my seat.

We laughed and she move her cup of champagne towards me – offering??


She take some sips after making that tling sound with my glass. Uhhh.. so finally i managed to lick at the edge of glass.

So you don’t drink?” She said grimly.

I smiled. She nodded and grab my ugly mustache, twisting – twisting – twisting and tangled it. May be boingus way of punishment to temperance, I guess.

“Why won’t you join the party” I said.

” Ohh do you want me to join. Mmm..Mmm… ” she improvised.

I nodded be like i want see what you are going to do. She then stand tall on the chair and raise the quarter filled cup in the air.

“Uhhu-hhahha-hhoooh!!! This isn’t old weezer, this doesn’t sound like PINKERTON!” She nearly barked there. I slowly stand up from the chair and stared at her. She bounced from the chair and tapped on my butt.

“Hhaa.. when it comes to hitting chicks here, it does matter... when you are brown” she giggled and immersed in to the Tsunami of vibrants.

Airbus was wrong. She is not a waster. She is flamboyant, an exuberant girl..

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