Today as usual, I’m searching in another city to get some shitting papers signed. I live like a damn auto corrected word in the world of android phones. Peoples often come to my life with a rally of opinions. But all I just want is to remote myself from every human I know. The truth I know is nobody can love you as much as you. But’ you can’t live loving yourself alone for a long time.. What should I do??

This is City of Mad Boeingus. My first morning here, far better than usual. No busy people living here. Happy and beautiful. Embodying their festive spirit, I remember Maradi gras, the late – winter carnival famed for raucous costumed parades and street parties. But sometimes it is gay and sucks!

Gentle breeze, a carafe full of coffee, me and Mr. Airbus. We were sitting at the terrace of the quarters. Mr. Airbus is twice older than me, a family man. He is arranging the things here for me. The best part about him is that he doesn’t talk much – A very best part. We were whirling around a decent silence and that happened!!

How do yu reckon yur mo&* feels wen people say stuff like that? Hey yu fat ba#* come here

A murder scream hit me, I’m standing at the top of my phone. I just whatsapp how good my morning is and that bipolar female high pitch just spit at my wisdom. Then I saw a girl, she is quarrelling around bulky guys.

Is she is a FEMINIST??” I asked.

Phe-Men-Ist” Airbus wondered like what kind of word is that.

Umm.. nothing nothing!” I unbiased that talk.

I’m actually a quasi – normal person. Not an antique, but too old to be considered as modern. On the other hand, she seemed to be the other pole of mine. “Waster” – Airbus referred her like that, I don’t know why. She carries a air of more bohemian style. I saw her for couple of times, but every time when I encounter her today, my mind was like RUN don’t just walk away hehe..

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