By control of feeling is not meant restraint or supression of your feeling, but’ rather the deciplining of self to imagine and entertain such feeling as contribute to your happiness “

– Neville Goddard

It is so beautiful to think about my people and how we believe the earth is made. Everything is not changed… still i die away.

I believe in hundred things; hundred things that rest of world never admit. Somewhat a vagabond with loose morals. In the virtue of thoughts, i hate being a household for too long. But i wont search my soul in the land of mandakini. It is not a predestined fate, but my un-answered wish. No more aspirin. No more exorcism. Just a female consciousness.

Thou art all fair,my love; there is no spot in thee ” – Song of Solomon [ 4:7 ]

The Cristephor columbus followed a hunch. When he is north, poise magnetizes!!

4 thoughts on “Mystikos: Initiatory rites of the pagan mysteries

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